Let’s get lost.


Located in El Paso’s popular Kern neighborhood and in close proximity to the Cincinnati Entertainment District, retro bar Lost & Found presented the challenge of adapting a historic home into an exotic getaway. Interior design became a critical component in creating a cohesive brand experience that married vintage Miami with Palm Springs.

We integrated native desert vegetation, carefully selected textures, and key accents to convert our canvas into a totally different concept that achieved our client’s vision. Likewise, a flexible color palette with a pink backdrop allowed a smooth transition from day to night. Special lighting after sunset underscored this shift, casting jungly shadows through the foliage that echo “Lost & Found.”

Instagramable backgrounds on each of two patios and indoor bar spark engagement and infectious excitement, while a wooden tunnel connecting all areas playfully invites guests to “come find me” and “get lost.”

  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Interior Design

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